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Accu Chek Active Blood Sugar Monitoring Device, Glucometer

50 Test Strips of Accu Chek Active Blood Sugar Monitoring Device, Glucometer

Product Description

  • Ensure your hands are clean and dry
  • Take a test strip from the pot and close the lid immediately. The meter will turn on automatically after inserting the test strip into the test strip guide (in the direction of the arrows)
  • After a short display check and code number confirmation (corresponding with the code on the test strip pot), the test strip and flashing blood drop symbols will appear on the display. Apply a drop of blood to the green field on the test strip and remove your finger. The results will show after 5 seconds
  • The meter will turn off automatically by removing the test strip. The result is stored in the memory with date and time.

Product info

  • Quick visual check for additional safety: (= stability check) The round control window on the back of the test strip must not differ from the reference colour "0" on the colour scale on the test strip container. If the round control window has turned a different colour, the test strip is unusable and should be discarded.
  • Quick visual reading back-up for additional safety:It is possible to verify the result by comparing the colour of the round control window on the back of the test strip with the colour scale on the label of the test strip container-especially in case of implausible meter readings.
  • Visual underdosing: Detection for safe test results Since the test pad changes colour once the blood has been applied, the user can recognize if too little sample has been applied. The centre of the test pad must be uniformly covered. The control window on the back of the test strip must be completely discolored.
  • Optimal test strip architecture for hygienic handling: The size and the architecture of the test strip allow test strip handling without coming into contact with the blood specimen-especially when taking the used test strip off the monitor.


  • Wash and dry your hands. Take one test strip from the container. Close the container tightly.
  • Insert the test strip, with the orange pad facing up, until it will go no further into the meter.
  • Make sure the code on the meter matches the code on the test strip container.
  • When you see the flashing blood drop, hold the lancet device against the side of your fingertip and press the release button.
  • Gently squeeze your fingertip to get a drop of blood.
  • Place fingertip and blood drop on the center of the square orange pad.
  • An hourglass symbol will appear on the screen, and then the test result will appear.


  • Blood sample size: 1-2 µL; if sample applied at the center of test pad
  • Sample type: Capillary, Venous, Arterial, Neonatal
  • Sample dosing: Large test pad for top dosing s

Good To Know


  • Large test pad for easy blood application: The large test pad can be touched and accurate application is easy.
  • Rapid blood absorption: Quick blood absorption makes the test hygienic and fast. The test strip needs only 1-2 µL but the test pad can absorb up to 30 µL thanks to the reservoir for excessive blood!
  • Sample spreads automatically: Thanks to the test strip mesh, the sample is spread evenly and very quickly over the test pad. This makes1-2 µL of sample sufficient for performing the test.


  • Handy top dosing: The large test pad is easy to find and to fill even for people who are visually or physically impaired. Also, special situations (e.g. hypos) do not cause handling problems.
  • Easy to handle: The large size of the test strip itself makes it easy to grasp, hold, insert into the meter and discard.
  • Flexible - thanks to out-of-meter dosing and AST options: The Accu-Chek Active test strip can be dosed outside the monitor. This and the fact that only1-2µL blood is required, make AST testing comfortable and convenient.

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