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Fitness Caps 90's

FITNESS – The Natural Weight Loss Formula!

Product Description

  • Extreme Body offers a double effect of weight loss & the antioxidant power of Green Tea.
  • It helps increase fat burn and improves physical performance. Both men and women can use this product to suppress appetite, boost metabolism, increase energy levels, and improve their overall health.
  • In addition to helping reduce body weight by burning fat, it may reduce the amount of water your body is holding.
  • NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS FORMULA Curb Your Appetite, Burn Fat & Calories, Boost Your Metabolism, Increase Energy Levels, Helps Decrease Belly Fat, Works For Men & Women
  • Adults who are not satisfied with their weight - who want to look slimmer, reduce weight and belly fat, fit into their jeans again - who want to boost their metabolism, block fat and suppress their appetite in a completely natural, effective way.

Product info

FITNESS – The Natural Weight Loss Formula!

* Triple power weight loss formula. 
* Aimed at Ladies who want to go back into their best shape without dieting. 
* Clinically investigated. 
* Power horse for consumer campaigns.

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